Draft horse stallions and mustang mares

Draft horse stallions and mustang mares
(Photo by Brian T. Murphy)

According to author Judith Dutson the “U.S. cavalry wanted military horses that were bigger than the readily available Mustangs. They brought in some Thoroughbreds and Morgans to develop larger remounts and officer’s horses, and they began a systematic program of shooting Mustang stallions and releasing draft breed stallions to mix with the wild herds. Draft horses were also deliberately allowed to run with Indian herds whenever possible in an effort to slow down the Indians.”1

In the days when cattlemen were switching to shorthorn beef breeds, it’s been documented that whenever possible Longhorn bulls were killed. However this is the first time I’ve read that the same thing was happening to the wild horse stallions.

Unfortunately the author gives no references for her statements. Please let me know if anyone has additional information on this practice.


  1. Judith Dutson,Storey’s Illustrated Guide to 96 Horse Breeds of North America(North Adams, MA: Story Publishing, 2005), 147-148.
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