Everybody and everything has a story

Everybody and everything has a story
Rod Beemer, Bennington, is pictured with his book The Deadliest Woman in the West. (Photo by Dave Bergmeier)

Excerpt from an article highlighting Rod Beemer’s love for history:

Rod Beemer, Bennington, who grew up on a family farm nine miles south of Abilene, started as a writer in the 1960s, quit his occupation as a magazine writer and followed another passion, custom woodworking. Writing never left his blood.

Beemer’s focus today is on the West. Growing up on a farm, he has admired the Plains people of the 19th Century.

“I love history,” Beemer said. “Everybody and everything has a story. Some of it depends on how you establish its relevance. Unfortunately we have lost so much history. If you lose history, how are you going to know where you came from?”

Known research shows how tough the pioneers had it and what type of resolve they had to succeed, he said. In his latest book The Deadliest Woman in the West, Beemer writes about prairie fires. There is an account of families in the Dakotas who could see the reflection of a fire in the sky that originated in Canada.

“They [prairie fires] killed buffalo herds and even towns,” he said.

Another account tells the story of a woman who is in the process of child birth, with a fire burning around her, she gives birth and she along with her husband and another young child barely get out of the house before it burns down.

“They lived in ways we’ll never understand,” Beemer said. “We are soft today and take so much for granted today.”

His next [non-fiction] book, which will be released soon, will be on Gen. George Custer. Beemer has spent about five years on the book. Writing books takes time and he often works on several projects at once.


“Authors share writing experience, books at Author Roundup,” Dave Bergmeier, Editor, The Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

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