Author’s website gets a rebuild, coincides with paperback release

Author’s website gets a rebuild, coincides with paperback release
The new face of, the official site of author Rod Beemer.

My mind did a double take upon calculating that it has been twenty years since Beemer Books first tiptoed onto the web with the debut author site for Rod Beemer. That was back in 1997, in another century, and the digital landscape has certainly changed over the ensuing decades.

Dad’s first site was a respectable effort at the time, considering what little I knew about creating one. I still know very little. That’s primarily due to the phenomenal growth of the knowledge base needed for the technologies that deliver our online experiences today. It’s simply too much for any one person to have a complete handle on. But a little bit of knowledge here and there permits me to fake my way along. I do my best to perpetuate the illusion.

It wasn’t even in the beginning. The url was a username tacked onto the end of the name of our service provider. It was a simple site – an author bio, some contact info, and promotional material for the first of his “Old Iron” (collectible tractors) books. The web was a more static affair then, not the dynamic ocean of interactivity that presently floods the copper wires, fiber optics, and wireless radiation which connect us all.

So, now it’s 2017 and this current iteration of the author site also matches up with a first – the release of the initial print edition of the author’s first novel, Some Men Just Need Killing. The ebook edition was released in the middle of December last year. The story of the journey the book took to get into printed words on bound paper is rather interesting in itself. I believe the author will be offering a little how-it-was-made Story Behind the Story article sometime soon that will provide a few details regarding the inspiration behind Doc’s struggle and some tie-in facts related to the westward expansion over the prairies and plains of that era. Stay tuned.

Your assistance is welcomed.

The site has been built yet again from the “ground up” to implement desired cosmetic and functional changes – to be continually honed and refined. Don’t hesitate to let me know of any problems you encounter. Feedback and suggestions are invaluable aids to imrovements and solutions.

Probably the biggest news is that the blog is back. And, I was able to salvage most of the posts to repopulate the archive. However, I was not able to recover any of the author and visitor comments made to the posts over the years. Some things just disappear. So, together, we’ll simply start making new ones. Also, in addition to being constructed on a mobile-friendly platform, the site is geared to be integrated with social media. Both features should help facilitate a better user experience and accessibility.

Therefore, I wish to extend an invitation. Your help would be greatly appreciated in spreading the word about the books, the presentations, and the site. Use the share buttons, post comments, tell friends and fellow readers, follow on social media, open the samples on Amazon, recommend the books if you’ve read them, buy the books if you haven’t. Write a review. Attend a presentation. Generate some buzz. We’re going do our part on this end by providing new content on a regular basis here on the site. Check in often.

Thanks for your interest and participation. Pleasant reading.

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