Mother Nature is always dynamic, never fooled, & sometimes furious

Mother Nature is always dynamic, never fooled, & sometimes furious

Much hot air has been expelled, ink spilled, and bytes blown over the subject of climate change. There seems to be no end to the debate in sight and the issue of anthropogenic climate change remains uncertain in the minds of many. However, what can be demonstrably shown is that weather patterns themselves have always existed and continue to do so. And, occasionally their extreme manifestations can prove to be dangerous, devastating, and – indeed – even deadly.

Some of the planet’s most intense weather events played out across the trans-Mississippi West’s prairies and plains. The Deadliest Woman in the West: Mother Nature on the Prairies and Plains 1800–1900 is the story of encounters with Mother Nature upon this stage during the nineteenth century. Rod Beemer’s detailed narrative of historic events provides interesting insight into the obstacles these pioneers faced while traversing and settling the nation.

It’s a fascinating and timeless read. Get your copy today.

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